The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Tuesday, June 7, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Not Bethlehem; A Picked Team
A switch was made in the original plans which called for the Bethlehem Steel soccer team intact to meet the Hakoah eleven at the Polo Grounds, New York, on Wednesday night in the first night soccer game ever played in the Metropolis. Charles Stoneham, baseball magnate, is experimenting with the novelty and if it goes across with the interest anticipated, it's certain that Mr. Stoneham will become vitally interested in the booting sport. Instead of Bethlehem intact it will be a combination of Bethlehem and New York Giant players. This was made necessary because the Indiana Flooring officials protested that the appearance of Bethlehem alone would be a violation of local rights.

For The Good of Soccer
The actions of the Indiana Flooring management is accepted as anything but for the good of soccer. Neither the Giants or Brooklyn joined in the protest. With the season concluded one would think that Indiana would contribute in spirit if not in actual hostilities to anything which might tend to increase the interest and rank of soccer followers in the "home town." Indiana's grievances, it is believed, is not based strictly on its sincerity to follow the letter of the law the prohibition of infringement on the territorial rights. It must be a grievance against Bethlehem inspired by personal prejudices. Perhaps it is safely said that this attitude toward the league champions has existed ever since the time that the Indiana management purchased the old New York Giants franchise and then to their sorrow learned that the franchise did not involve all the players included on the Giants roster. At any rate, when the franchise transfer was made Bethlehem secured the services of Archie Stark, much to the regret of the Indiana management. Indiana protested the player transfer but the league upheld the action. Harmony and not personal animosities should be maintained among all the clubs as strong contributing essentials to the development of soccer and the success and building up of the American Soccer League.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club