The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Tuesday, June 8, 1926

Steel Workers a Sesqui Attraction
While no definite plans have been outlined or a public announcement made, it is understood that if recent favorable suggestions materialize the Bethlehem Steel soccer team will be a sesqui attraction the game to be played in the big stadium on the exposition grounds. The plans, however, are far from perfected and now only in a tentative state. The suggestion seems to have struck a favorable chord. IF such a game materializes it will most certainly be of international flavor and likely to take place early in fall. It is proposed that one of the strong European elevens or a picked team of European stars be brought to America to meet one of the leading teams intact or a picked team of American stars. The team intact plan is most favored, for under such conditions a game would settle the many arguments relative to the superiority of first division clubs boasted by many familiar with European soccer.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club