The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, June 9, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Can't Pass Them Up
Bethlehem Steel is certain to have representation on the All-American team to oppose Canada at Montreal in June in an International clash for surely the United States Football Association which is to make the selection could ill afford to pass up the Bethlehem eligibles. Names of all players eligible to be submitted to the association will include those of Archie Stark and the veteran Jock Ferguson. Jock is sliding up in age but during the season just ended clearly demonstrated that he is still able to make the grade and it is doubtful if there is a more dependable back in the American Soccer League, a circuit that will no doubt provide the bulk if not all the talent. Stark seemingly has a strangle hold on the center forward position, barring none in the country. The brilliant center forward for his second consecutive season annexed the high individual scoring honors in the American Soccer League and in doing so during the next season established a new record for high scoring. Both Bethlehem players are an ace in the hole.

Others Good Enough But Not Eligible
Eligibility will deprive several other Bethlehem players who might make the team if merit alone were to be considered. However, in the selection of the team players must either be born or naturalized Americans. Practically all of the former Steel Workers have received their last papers in naturalization but few of these still remain. And practically all of the present personnel of the Bethlehem Steel club have made application or intend to for their first papers. Seven years residence in America is required to attain citizenship and there are few if any of the present squad of Steel Workers who have been residents in this country for that length of time.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club