The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Saturday, June 9, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Take it or Leave It
The benevolent Nat Agar, manager, owner and the whole works of the Brooklyn Wanderers, acting as American representative for the Glasgow Rangers, makes a proposition in which he would give Bethlehem an opportunity of meeting the famed Scottish clan. Like all of Agar's propositions, there are strings attached which would probably prove quite costly to Bethlehem but would not deprive the generous Mr. Agar of his cut in the financial arrangements. "You can play the Rangers on Sunday, June 24," Mr. Agar notifies the Bethlehem management, "but not in New York or vicinity," the latter restriction being the joker in the arrangement. Mr. Agar probably forgets that such a game in Pennsylvania, with Philadelphia the only logical location, is entirely impossible and that to attempt to put on the game at any other place than New Your would mean financial disaster. At the same time, Mr. Agar notifies the local club that on the date allotted to Bethlehem there is a game on Hawthorne Field and is quite modest to admit that if Bethlehem played the Rangers, there would be no merry click of the turnstile at Hawthorne Field. Take it or leave it, says Mr. Agar, and the Bethlehem management is acting wisely to reply "Leave it."

The Opening Game
It will be recalled that Mr. Agar no doubt had his fingers in the pie that upset the original plans of the Scots in inaugurating their tour in America. Bethlehem was the club chosen to meet the Scots in Philadelphia, but through some diplomatic manipulation the Steelmen were politely informed that due to a switch in plans it was deemed advisable and in the best interest of soccer in Philadelphia to have an All-Philadelphia team meet the Scots. Imagine a picked team of amateurs trying to give the crack Scottish team a battle! There was a method in Agar's purpose. The Scots were scheduled to meet Brooklyn in the next game and the possible chance of a defeat at the hands of Bethlehem certainly would be no ballyhoo for the Brooklyn gate.

New York or Nowhere
Before embarking for Boston, where today the Steelmen clash with the Hubmen in the second round of the playoff series for the American Soccer League championship, the Bethlehem management disclosed the generous offer and also the attitude of the club. "If Bethlehem can play the Scots in New York and the financial arrangements are such to guarantee against any local loss, the Bethlehem team will welcome the opportunity. IN fact, the team would welcome meeting the Rangers." That was the reply Mr. Agar no doubt received from the Bethlehem management when the team arrived in New York last night.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club