The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Monday, June 11, 1928
Fresh Boston Team Defeats Fagged Bethlehem Booters 3 to 1 in Playoff

Boston will enter the second game against Bethlehem in the American Soccer League race to determine the championship two goals up by virtue of their victory over the Steelmen in the Hub on Saturday afternoon, winning the first game of the playoff by the score of 3 to 1.

Bethlehem gave Boston a good, hard game, even though the latter had the better of it, and incidentally the luck of the toss, electing to play the first half with a strong wind to their backs. As though decreed by fortune the wind veered for the second half and the strong game which might have proven an advantage to the Steelmen again aided the home team after the restart.

Barney Battles was the big man for the Boston team, for Barney scored all three of the Bean Eaters' goals. In the first half he notched a goal when Edwards faltered in coming out to play the ball. That was the only goal scored in this half, the Bethlehem backs playing brilliantly in frustrating the many threatening movements launched by the winners.

The second goal for Boston came as a direct result of a reversed decision. The referee had awarded a bye-kick in favor of Bethlehem. After the decision had been made he consulted the linesmen and then reversed his decision, favoring Boston with a corner kick. The kick was well placed and headed over the outstretched hands of Edwards.

From then on Bethlehem fought with a seemingly new lease on life and were shortly rewarded when Archie Stark broke through and with the best shot of the day, planted the ball in meshes for the visitors' first and only goal.

Boston's margin it seemed would remain at one goal up until the last minute of play when Battles did the unusual by scoring on a free kick just outside of the penalty area. The ball went through the players lined up in front of the net and landed low in the outside corner.

Due to injuries Bethlehem was forced to field a club with many changes in the lineup. Others were forced to play although not fit, due to the lack of reserves. Bill Carnihan, always a tower of strength to the team, was absent and MacGregor was forced to leave his regular position to play center halfback. Watson, a new man, played in MacGregor's position. Bethlehem also made several substitutions before the final whistle.

Boston Bethlehem
Davidson G Edwards
Gibson RFB McMeekin
McArthur LFB Allen
Nilson RHB Reid
Priestley CHB MacGregor
Ballantyne LHB Watson
McNabb OR Gillespie
Gonzales IR Jaap
Battles CF Stark
J. Ballantyne IL Rollo
Fleming OL Goldie
Goals: Battles, 3; Stark. Subs: R. Robertson for Watson; Jackson for Gillespie; McLeacherner for Fleming. Referee: T. Cunningham. Linesmen, J. Johnstone and A. Catto.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club