Bethlehem Globe
Friday, June 13, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

English Dribblers to Tour America
The Corinthian Football Club, of England, a famous British amateur soccer club, which has sent its team to all parts of the globe, will tour in America the latter part of August and the early part of September, but unless the understood directing manager of the tour in this country undergoes a change of attitude the merits of the English clan will hardly be given a test for the leading clubs, including the Steel Workers, have been eliminated in the schedule. The invaders will first play in Canada during the early part of August according to advices made public. The visitors will play a number of games in Canada and on August 23, at Vancouver, B. C., they will meet the picked Canadian team that is at present touring Australia and will return in time for that game. The final game in Canada will be played in Montreal on September 1.

Leading American Clubs Get Cold Shoulder
The visit of the Englishmen in America will hardly be a test of merit, according to the schedule of games announced as arranged, but truly nothing more than exhibition tilts. Among the clubs mentioned to oppose the Corinthians will be clubs that if truly ranked according to merit would hardly shine stronger than third string aggregations in comparison with the clubs in this country. The St. Louis District has been entirely eliminated and the same practically goes with the American Soccer League which boasts and has proven the strongest clubs in the East. Two American League clubs are included according to the schedule this far announced, but neither one of which figured materially in the league race or cup competitions. Victories over the clubs mentioned will hardly be of very great credit to the touring Englishmen.

No Title Winners Included
Fall River, National champions and champion of the American Soccer League, and Bethlehem Steel Soccer Team, champions of the American Cup competition and runner-up to Fall River for the league honors, have thus far been entirely eliminated and will probably remain so until public sentiment becomes too strong to refuse and an effort be made to find a place for each on the schedule. It is not known whether or not Fall River has been invited for a place on the schedule or whether or not the management of the league champions would assume the responsibilities of the guarantee asked. It is taken for granted, however that Fall River would welcome such a game. As for Bethlehem, it is known that Bethlehem was not even considered but "had you in mind." Quoting the words of the managing director of the American tour, Bethlehem made overtures for a game in this city, satisfied to meet the guarantee asked, but that reply to this was that with three games scheduled for Philadelphia and really none of the clubs representative of American soccer merit, the Steel Workers and other leading clubs have been denied a place on the schedule to what seems entirely a selfish motive. With a star British aggregation touring America,, one would naturally assume that in order to give the game in this country the prestige it rightfully deserves, the leading clubs would be included if for no other reason than to get a comparative idea of the game in this country and abroad. Victory over the teams mentioned will not be considered by many soccer critics as laurels worth while taking along back home.

Still Hoping for Game Here
Although Bethlehem has practically been denied a game the management of the local club is still in hopes that before the Corinthians conclude their American schedule they will come here to give the Steel Workers a test. Indirectly the Steel Workers, it is understood, made application for a berth on the schedule and by the response it was believed that negotiations would be successful. The management conceded to the guarantee asked but then came word that the club would have to make direct application before such a game could be considered and this was done to Douglas Stewart, of Philadelphia, who apparently is directing the American tour and arranging the schedule. From the latter word was received that "there is no place on the schedule." Which means that the Steel Workers are practically eliminated insofar as Mr. Stewart is concerned.

Four Games in Philadelphia
Of the five games that are known, four of them will be played in Philadelphia and but one in the Metropolitan district. The latter has been awarded to the Brooklyn Wanderers which means that the New York F. C., the strongest club in New York, has likewise been sidetracked. The competition to be presented the English invaders can be gleaned from the following clubs which are announced: September 4, University of Pennsylvania Alumni; September 6, Philadelphia Soccer Club, September 8, Philadelphia Cricket Club; September 10, Brooklyn Wanders; September 12, Gentlemen of Philadelphia. Even Fleisher Yarn, probably the strongest team in the Quaker city and a strictly amateur aggregation, is eliminated. The Corinthians will return to England on the Olympic on September 13.

Meet Real Opposition in Canada
The Canadians, according to the soccer gossip available, are going to give the invaders some real opposition. In the closing game the Englishmen will meet a selected All-Canadian team which is at present touring Australia. The same could have been provided in America if the games had been more equally apportioned. The tourists will be available for games from September 4 to September 13, and in this period of time could quite conceivably play at least some of the leading Eastern clubs, Fall River, Bethlehem Steel, New York F. C., and then one or two games in the Philadelphia district if so desired, including, if possible, the Fleisher Yarn clan, would in the opinion of many soccer adherents have been a far more attractive schedule than the one arranged. Due to the short stay in this country there is an excuse for eliminating the St. Louis clubs. As an exhibition attraction the games arranged may go over big but the opposition presented will hardly reflect any credit to the American clubs when the Corinthians return home.

Didn't Side-step the Big Ones
The proposed tour of the Corinthians recalls the invasion of the Third Lanarks several years ago and incidentally the latest previous tour of a foreign team in this country. The Third Lanarks opposed the strongest aggregations in this country and Canada on that occasion and their victories were well merited. The Lanarks defeated the Steel Workers in a game played in Bethlehem and also opposed the Steel Workers in a later game played in Philadelphia. The local management is very desirous of having the Corinthians meet the Steel Workers and it is hoped that some amicable arrangement can be reached whereby the game will be possible. If so, it will be played in this city.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club