The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, June 13, 1925
Stark Brothers and Ferguson on Team That Will Play Canadians June 27

Some conception of the development of soccer football in the United States since the migration to this country of many players from the first class leagues in Great Britain, may be had when an eleven, representing the United States Football Association, composed of citizens, by virtue of birth or naturalization, will engage a team selected from the clubs operating under the jurisdiction of the Dominion of Canada Football Association.

Although several attempts have been made to arrange games between individual clubs in the two countries, some of which have been successful, this will be the first venture of the National Associations controlling soccer in the United States and Canada to bring about a closer affiliation through the medium of an international match.

June 27th has been agreed upon as the date for this match and the venue will be Alexandria Park, Montreal, Canada.

The national and international games committee of the United States Football Association held a meeting in the office of the national secretary, New York City, with Chairman Herbert F. Murray, of Providence, R. I., presiding. Other members in attendance were William J. Patrick, of Grantwood, N. J., and Nathan Agar, of Brooklyn, N. Y.

The team, as selected at that time, the position and the club played for during the current season, is as follows:

J. E. Douglas, G, Newark
I. C. Davis, RFB, Philadelphia
John Ferguson, LFB, Bethlehem
Thos. W. Stark, RHB, Giants
Thos. McFarlane, CHB, Sayles
H. Meyerdeicks, LHB, Giants
D. E. Brown, OR, Giants
Bernard Battles, IR, Boston
Archie Stark, CF, Bethlehem
Robert Millar, IL, Giants
Thomas Florie, OL, Providence
Percy Andrews, Reserve, Philadelphia

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