The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Wednesday, June 16, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Substitutes in Soccer
The American Soccer League is evidently fond of experimenting. During the season just closed, the home-and-home game basis in the final rounds of the cup competition was a departure. Insofar as the receipts were concerned, this basis of playing cup games was a howling success and will most certainly be continued. Now, according to action taken at the annual meeting of the U. S. F. A. the league will experiment with substitutes next season and is also privileged to chop up the game into four periods in preference to the usual halves. We are interested to know just what restrictions will be placed on the use of substitutes and whether or not they will be eligible if a player is ordered off the field. A more detailed report on the action will probably be made when the American Soccer League moguls meet to approve the action of the U. S. F. A.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club