The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Tuesday, June 19, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Who is the Soccer Champion?
In the records of the American Soccer League the Boston club will be inscribed as champion of the season 1927-28, but in the minds of the American followers the title will always be a disputed affair and according to the sentiment, was a league gift to the Hubmen. Defeated decisively by Bethlehem in the semi-final round of the playoff, the only deduction the soccer fan can make is that the champion for this season is installed on a technicality and by no means on merit. In the final round, Boston defeated New Bedford 4 to 2 and by virtue of that victory lays claim to the championship.

Tainted Honors
If Boston relishes tainted titles, the management's wish is gratified this year, a title that it is doubtful if any other club in the league would accept under the excising circumstances. The flagrant and arrogant manner in which the league shoved Bethlehem out of the running promises to be the talk of the circuit for a good long while. Insofar as playing is concerned, soccer togs are packed away in camphor and will remain there until the start of next season. Bethlehem has concluded its season of playing but the club will probably be very much heard of during the summer. And these verbal barrages to be unleashed at the meeting or meetings to intervene the outlay of plays for next season promise to be rather heated. Bethlehem was denied an opportunity to defend its victory over Boston, forced to abide by the decision of the league without having a voice in the hearing on the protest, and it looks very much as if Bethlehem will have to wait until the annual meeting to be held on July 7 before the case can be aired. The local management demanded a special meeting for last Friday. That was denied with the promise that such a meeting would be held in New York this evening. However, no official notices were issued to that effect and it is doubtful if the meeting will materialize. The one and only conclusion is that the league officers have heard enough about the case and probably lack courage to face the music while the issue is hot.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club