The Globe -- Bethlehem
July 22, 1921
Joseph Morrison

Joseph Morrison, the rising young athlete, is an unusual boy, occupying an unusual position in the local world of sport. Joe is one of the youthful and dashing soccer stars of the famous Bethlehem Steel Club, and as such is the only local individual who has succeeded in winning a berth on this noted eleven, that we have had a chance to place the stamp of approval for local talent upon. He is the only local boy that has ever reached such dizzy heights in the soccer world.

Many months ago when Joe intimated that he was about to make a bid for a position on the Bethlehem Steel team, there was considerable doubt as to his ability to compete with many of the older and more experienced players who were already conceded to be finished stars who season after season had piled up an imposing number of consecutive championships. All Joe's friends could do and they number a legion was to sit back and await the outcome of his efforts with breathless expectancy, hoping that he would come through in his drive for recognition and he did. As a result, Joe is now a full fledged member of the squad of what is believed to bet he strongest aggregation of soccer stars on this side of the Atlantic.

Joe's achievements have not turned his head in the least, and he is still as popular as ever with the younger men of the city that claim his acquaintance. His fast and aggressive game on the field has made a favorable impression upon all those concerned, and he has all the earmarks of a future star to a pronounced degree. Also just remember that Joe can also shine in other branches of sport and on the diamond is putting up a nice game in the outfield for the Emmanuels in the Sunday School League.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club