Bethlehem Globe
Saturday, July 5, 1924
City Well Represented in Dual Match Played in New York City

Bethlehem was well represented in the dual soccer tilt played in New York City yesterday when the teams engaged in play represented their native countries. Practically every Bethlehem Steel soccer player was represented on one or the other team with the greatest representation on the Scotch makeup.

The games, an annual feature attracted more than three thousand fans and were played under the direction of the New York Footballers' Protective Association. Bethlehem was without a representative in the American lineup which defeated Ireland 3 goals to 1. Carson was the lone Steel Worker playing with Ireland and played his usual position at goal.

In the other game the Scots defeated the English team, 1 goal to none. Bill Highfield, playing goal, was the only present Bethlehem regular in the English lineup. However, Sam Fletcher, another Bethlehemite and former Steel player was included in the lineup and played his usual position at right half back.

The Scot eleven had the biggest array of Bethlehem talent including Robertson, at right fullback; Terris, center halfback; Carnihan, left halfback; Alec Jackson, outside right; Walter Jackson, center forward, and Goldie, outside left. The Scots defeated the English, one goal to none. The goal was scored by Dan McNiven, former Bethlehem center forward, playing an inside left position. The lineups:

America (3) -- Ireland (1)
Renzulli -- G -- Carson
Ward -- RFB -- Gaw
Post -- LFB -- McNeill
Douglas -- RHB -- Best
T. Ingraham -- CHB -- Moore
Geddis -- LHB -- McNamara
Scott -- OR -- Scofield
Geudert -- IR -- Gibson
J. Ingraham -- CF -- Burnett
Ford -- IL -- McKelnn
Brown -- OL -- Doughtery

Referee -- C. Scott. Linesmen -- W. Newman and J. Campbell. Goals -- Geudert, Brown, J. Ingraham, America; Burnett, Ireland. Time -- 45 minutes.

Scotland (1) -- England (0)
Smith -- G -- Highfield
Robertson -- RFB -- Tate
Ferrier -- LFB -- Whitehead
Calderwood -- RHB -- Fletcher
Terris -- CHB -- Fryer
Carnihan -- LHB -- McKinney
A. Jackson -- OR -- Duggan
Millar -- IR -- Morey
W. Jackson -- CF -- Best
McNiven -- IL -- Shaw
Goldie -- OL -- Moorehouse
Referee: T. Cunningham. Linesmen -- W. Hollywood and W. Parkes. Goal -- McNiven, Scotland. Time -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club