Bethlehem Globe
Wednesday, July 7, 1920
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Steel Workers Trip to Brazil Certain
According to an announcement made by Secretary Thomas W. Cahill of the United States Football Association, the invasion of the Bethlehem Steel team to Brazil is certain, the tour to start next month for a series of games in that country during September. The trip was arranged by Ambassador Morgan at Rio de Janeiro and local officials. Secretary Cahill yesterday stated that the sanction of the Federation Internationale de Football for the Bethlehem tour of Brazil had been granted in a cablegram just received from C. A. W. Hirschman of Amsterdam, F. I. F. Secretary-Treasurer. The National Commission of the U. S. F. A. is now taking a mail vote to grant permission to the Bethlehem team to make the trip. The games in Brazil will be played under the auspices of the Brazilian Federations of Sports, and will be six or eight in number. The team will sail for Rio from New York, and games will be played in Rio, Bahia, Pernambuco, Sao Paulo and Santos.

Tour Was Originally Planned For Last Season
The trip to Brazil is the completion of plans formulated last season and which according to the original idea was to have followed the Steel Workers campaigning in Sweden and Denmark. In fact, the players left Bethlehem assured that they would tour South America and were somewhat disappointed when a cablegram reached them on board ship while en route to the Scandinavian countries calling it off. With an extensive schedule to be played in Sweden and Denmark, it was deemed unwise to make the final leg of the trip until this year. The decision was a wise one for it is remembered that the season in this country was well started before the Bethlehem players returned and in the opening games the men did not display their usual form. It is understood that several new men are expected to join the squad and that they will be included among the players on the trip.

St. Louis Club Will Also Tour
An all-star selection to represent St. Louis will leave Toronto, Canada, tomorrow on a trip that will take them to Europe and practically over the identical rout traveled by the Bethlehem Club last season. They will sail for Havre, France, aboard the Canadian-Pacific liner Tunisian. The middle-west aggregation will be reinforced with a delegation of eastern players, included in the party at the request of the Swedish Association. The players are: George J. Tintle, of Harrison, N. J., and Albert Blakey, of Philadelphia, both members of the 1916 international team and who also made the trip abroad with the Bethlehem team last summer. David Brown of Kearny, N. J.., Harry J. Ratican, St. Louis-born star of the Robins Dry Dock team of Brooklyn, and for three seasons leading goal scorer of the United States, and George Post, late of the Erie A. A., of Kearny, N. J. John J. Heminsley, of Paterson, was to have made the trip, his third to Europe under Cahill's direction, but difficulties have arisen at the eleventh hour and it is probable Charles H. Ellis of Woodside, L. I., a member of the 1916 international team, will be substituted at the last minute.

Third American Team to go to Europe
The St. Louis team is the third to go to Europe for soccer competition in five years and is the first such to be composed entirely of American-born players. Sixteen of the members were born in St. Louis and it is under the name of the St. Louis Football Club that the team will play overseas. Five or six countries will be visited, the schedule not being completed by the Swedish Football Association taking in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Czecho-Slovakia, Holland and possibly Belgium.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club