The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, July 7, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

"Many a Good Game Left," Says Campbell
While no outward signs are evident, visitors to the Bethlehem Steel athletic field these days, particularly those interested in soccer, can virtually feel a spirited rivalry existing between Jimmy Campbell, captain and star center halfback of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. and conceded the peer of backs in this country, and Porter and Rutherford, the latter two new men who recently came to this country on a visit and during their stay here are working out with the Bethlehem players. Both latter men are halfbacks who in big league soccer overseas have attained a most enviable reputation in these respective positions. Likewise, with the two visitors, no outward expressions relative to the merit of the American played game have been made, but by little hints dropped now and then, it is readily apparent that they do not consider the playing on this side of the pod of equal standard with that they left. These hints have served to somewhat arouse the ire of Jimmy who, although a veteran of the sport, feels that he has many a good game left and is putting on more speed than ever before in priming for the big international contest to be staged in Taylor Stadium next Wednesday afternoon. The reason for this intensive training on the part of Jimmy is probably due to fear that both of the new men are striving to oust him when the big clash arrives. At any rate, long hours of toil mean little or nothing to the veteran player when it comes to training, for daily he is a visitor on the athletic field, traveling to North Bethlehem [REMAINDER MISSING]

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club