The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, July 8, 1921
Local Team Will Have to Play for All They Are Worth Against Scots

In the greater international soccer contest scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, at Lehigh Stadium, between the Scottish All-Stars and Bethlehem Steel F. C., the local team will have the opportunity of placing Bethlehem on the athletic map to a much greater extent than would appear on the surface. Soccer is played in practically every country in the world, but the supremacy of the professional brand as played in Britain has never been questioned in any country, partly due to the fact that the game is fostered in a much greater scale in Britain, but mostly because teams of almost purely amateur standing have toured foreign countries from Britain at different times and have usually had little difficulty in wining the majority of their games. However, the personnel of the Scottish tourists who will be here next Wednesday is so well known in British football that a defeat is regarded as out of the question, and it is, therefore, up to the Steel Workers to play as they have never played before.

With the golf, polo and tennis trophies of Britain on their way over to this country, it would be just about the last straw for the sport lovers of Albion to learn that a truly representative soccer tam from the Scottish League had met defeat in this country. Every player on the Bethlehem list is fully aware of the honor that will come to Bethlehem if the Scots are defeated and they are sure to pay with a vigor and determination that will surprise the tourists.

The Scots will have a hard game next Sunday in Jersey City, but they ought to win easily despite the fact that they will play against All-Canada in Montreal the day previous. They will be well rested when they reach Bethlehem and they can be relied upon to place the best possible team on the field.


The Steel Workers will finish training for the game with a hard shooting session on Lehigh Stadium on Monday and they should be fit to travel the 90 minutes at any pace the Scots may set.

The visitors will play six games in this country and they will probably find the going a little bit harder than they found it in Canada. The American style of game is much faster than the British, but the latter depend more on clever manipulation of the ball than the young players do here.

A victory for Bethlehem would very likely pave the way for international contests between America and Britain.

All the soccer lovers are looking forward to the result of this game, and they seem to be unanimous in the feeling that Bethlehem has a better chance to stop the invaders than any other team in the country.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club