The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, July 8, 1921
Bethlehem Steel Players Will Witness Scotch Invaders' First Tilt at Jersey City

Thirteen soccer players in company with W. Luther Lewis and most likely a number of prominent local soccer enthusiasts will comprise the party to leave this city on the 9:45 o'clock train Sunday morning for New York City. During their stay in the metropolis the players are likely to register at the Imperial Hotel which will be the headquarters of the Scottish tourists who invade the United States on that day.

The Scottish tourists get their premier in this country at Jersey City on Sunday afternoon and in this game the Bethlehem players will have an opportunity of seeing this crack aggregation in action before tackling the European big leaguers.

The management of the tourists will no doubt expect the presence of the Bethlehem players and it is quite probable that many of the stars will be held in reserve for the game in Bethlehem and substitutes played against Jersey City.

The Bethlehem players will return on Sunday night and be ready for a hard practice session on the following day. A light workout on Tuesday, the day prior to the game, will then give the finishing touches for the biggest and most important game in the history of the Bethlehem F. C.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club