Bethlehem Globe
July 8, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Moguls in Annual Confab
Some tall doings are expected before this weekend is out in Detroit, Mich., where the annual meeting of the U. S. F. A. is being held. Not since the organization of the Association have so many important matters been involved in this annual sessions and the outcome will disclose whether the American Soccer League continues as an associate member of the organization or whether the strong Eastern circuit will conduct its affairs independently. It is understood that the American Soccer League is not desirous of causing a split in the ranks but feels that the circuit is now an institution that should have a dominant voice in the doings of the National Commission. Several requests are before that body and pending disposition will decide the future status of the league to the association.

Self Supporting and Strongest Clubs
The American Soccer League has developed to that stage that the executives feel that they should be entitled to dictate instead of being ordered about at the will of the National Commission. The league is self supporting and would be even more so if the one-third cut of the gate receipts of the semi-final and finals of the cup competitions were allowed to remain in their own treasury or rather be split among the competing clubs in the cup affairs. It is understood that more than $10,000 reverted to the coffers of the National Commission from the cup game receipts. Then again the league clubs have developed to such a stage that without the least question of doubt they are the strongest aggregations in the country and without comparison. This is emphatically indicated by the fact that the American League teams captured all National and all cup honors and the runners-up and contenders were likewise league teams. The League does not want to assume an antagonistic attitude or one of guiding the soccer destinies of this country. But does want recognition of its request and unless granted threatens to run its business independently according to their own ideas.

Cahill Matter to Be Aired
One of the discussions that is sure to create a gigantic display of fireworks is that referring to Thomas H. Cahill, known as the daddy of soccer in this country, who as his reward for his services was rather suddenly "given the air" recently. Delegates from all over the country are present at the meeting and it is quite likely that the many among these who have been staunch to Cahill are going to tear off a piece of their mind and not be sparing to the executive. The receptive attitude of the American League toward the deposed secretary in electing him to a similar office in the Eastern circuit is certain to have a bearing on the attitude of those who are attending the meeting. Should matters be reconsidered by the league executives, it is doubtful if Cahill could again be induced to accept the job.

What the League Wants
The congenial and active Mike Kelly, vice president of the American Soccer League is the representative at the U. S. F. A. meeting. Kelly went to Detroit with the league's proposition and advices received indicate that the association is receptive to practically all of them. The league requests associate membership but is making no concession to be duly recognized as such. If anything, the concessions, whatever they might be, must come from the National body, if the latter desires to remain on friendly terms with the American circuit. The league has things pretty well sewed up on the East with twelve leading clubs unanimous in their approval of the matters presented to the National Association. Most important of the requests is that all league teams be eliminated from the first three or four rounds of the cup competition and compete only in the semi-final and finals. If this request is approved it will mean that only the strongest competition will grace the schedule of the various league clubs and that the many good dates wasted with teams far inferior in the past will be eliminated. At the next meeting of the American League to be held the latter part of this month, Mr. Kelly will submit his report and on the action taken will hinge the future relations of the league to the National Association.

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