The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, July 15, 1919
From Out-of-Town Source Comes News of Signing of Players, Etc.

In announcing the final details for the Scandinavian tour, the fact is assumed that Manager Sheridan, of the Bethlehem champions, has been busy signing up new players for next season, which no doubt will fill in the vacancies brought about by several of the players severing their affiliation with the club to play elsewhere. This is practically the first announcement made of the signing of new players by the Bethlehem club and if true, it is deplored that the information had to come from sources other than those locally. Thomas W. Cahill, honorary secretary of the United States Football Association, the controlling body of soccer football in this country, who is personally in charge of the tour, takes it upon himself to announce the signing of new players with the Bethlehem club. He also submits the names of the players who will accompany the team on the trip and among the missing are the names of several local favorites. The announcement giving the details of the trip and t he players to accompany the team appeared in the New York Times this morning, and reads:

"Twenty-one men will be in the party sailing from New York on the steamship Stockholm of the Swedish-American Line, on July 23. The players definitely decided upon are Harry L. Ratican, Thomas C. T. Fleming, William Forrest, George McKelvey, James Campbell, Frederick W. Pepper, John Ferguson, Samuel S. Fletcher, William Duncan, Thomas E. Murray, James Wilson, James P. Murphy, George J. Tintle, James Mearns Robertson, John J. Heminsley, Albert Blakely and Archie Stark.

"The Bethlehem Steel Football club, four-time national champions, will play a long schedule of games in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark under Swedish Football Association auspices. Cahill will be in full charge. William Sheridan, manager of athletics for Bethlehem Steel Company, will be the team trainer. Sheridan, formerly Scottish amateur wrestling champion, was director of athletics at Lehigh University before he joined the Schwab organization. Axel Sune Stearn, of the Stockholm Club, New Dorp, S. I., will accompany the team as masseur, and Ernest J. Viberg, of New York, correspondent for Swedish sporting publications and who recently resigned a commission in the Submarine Service, U. S. N., will serve as interpreter, traffic manager and historian of the trip.

"The first-named twelve players are regular members of the Bethlehem team, although Murphy has just returned from military service. Tintle, of Newark, N. J., and Blakey, of Philadelphia, both just out of the army after long service overseas and Robertson, Heminsley and Stark are new members of the club. Robertson captained Robins Dry Dock C. C., of Brooklyn, last season, and is recognized as one of the country's leading fullbacks. He, Tintle, Blakey and Heminsley were members of the first American international team which won three games, tied two and lost one in Sweden and Norway in summer of 1916 -- a trip managed for the U. S. F. A. by National Secretary Cahill. Tintle and James Ford were members of the 29th Division soccer team of the A. E. F. Ford, who was also a member of the 1916 international team, was counted upon to make the trip with Bethlehem this time, but has decided he cannot make the tour. Heminsley hails from Newark, and starred for Merchant Ship F. C., of Harriman, Pa., last season. Stark was a star of the Paterson Football Club, runners-up in the national championship in the recent campaign.

"About Aug. 10 the first game will be played in the Olympic Stadium, Stockholm, with King Gustaf V. in attendance. A long schedule of games in the four Scandinavian countries is being arranged by the Swedish Football Association, and will be cabled to this country before the departure of the club.

"Arrangements for Bethlehem's visit to South America following the tour of Scandinavia are progressing, and there seems every probability the steelmakers will proceed from Europe to Rio de Janeiro for six contest in Brazil in late September and October."

Some Players Not Going

Severing relations with the local club probably was responsible for several of the champions not being included in the trip. In the list submitted by Secretary Cahill, it is found that Millar, Paddy Butler and Jimmy Easton are not included. Soccer critics contend that Millar ranked as one of the best all-around players on the team and that his sensational dribbling will be sadly missed. Paddy Butler also played a star game, while on a heavy field there were few equals to Jimmy Easton, who during Harry Ratican's illness last season, capably filled the center forward position. Millar and Butler, it is understood, have left the team and it is believed have joined one of the shipyard aggregations. It was also reported that Harry Ratican had signed with another club. It is noticed that Secretary Cahill overlooked Bill Stark, trainer, and instead of taking a man who has proven thoroughly capable of handling a championship aggregation for four seasons, he has selected Axel Sune Stearn, of the Stockholm Club, New Dorp, S. I., as masseur. Manager Sheridan, Mr. Cahill says, will be the team trainer.

Only One New Player Says Manager Sheridan

Replying to an article appearing in the morning papers, referring to several players being signed with the Bethlehem soccer champions who are to be included on the Scandinavian trip, Manager Sheridan denied that he has signed contracts from those mentioned with the exception of Archie Stark, the former Paterson, N. J., star player, who will sport the Steel Workers' colors next season. Further, Mr. Sheridan stated that Bob Millar, Paddy Butler and Harry Ratican had deserted the team, saying he believed the latter would cast his lot with the Merchant Shipbuilding outfit at Bristol. "I don't know if Harry signed to play with the Shipbuilders," said Manager Sheridan, "and if he didn't he may probably change his mind while with the team on the Scandinavian trip and may be among the Bethlehem outfit when the season opens next year." The players he has signed, he said, include Duncan, Wilson, Fletcher, Ferguson, Murray, Campbell, Pepper, McKelvey, Forrest, Fleming, Easton, Morrison and Stark.

Jimmy Murphy Still on Crutches

A broken ankle will keep Jimmy Murphy from accompanying on the soccer t our. Several weeks ago Jimmy while playing baseball with his camp team, slid into second base and fractured his leg. Since then he has been under treatment at the camp hospital. It was hoped that Murphy would be sufficiently recovered to accompany on the tour and in view of this his name was submitted by Secretary Cahill as one of the party. Information from Murphy received by the local management is to the effect that he is still hobbling on crutches and there is little chance of him throwing the "sticks" away before the players set sail. Murphy's letter was recently received stating that he expected to come hobbling into Bethlehem some time today. Upon his arrival the management will learn the full extent of his injury and if he is unable to play. Secretary Cahill will be advised to chose another player to take his place.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club