The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, July 18, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Scots Meet Test in Game With New Yorkers
Apparently fatigued from the strenuous activities during the week, the All-Star Scottish soccer team now completing its tour of Canada and America, came near falling a victim to the prowess of a team selected to represent the New York F. C. in a game played in that city yesterday. The final outcome was 2 to 1 in favor of the tourists but the winning tally was delayed until the last two minutes of play. Jumping from Canada last Saturday, the Scots played in Jersey City, came to Bethlehem on Wednesday, defeated the Bethlehem F. C. and then journeyed to Philadelphia where on Saturday they chalked up their twenty-second straight victory against an aggregation representing an All-Philadelphia team. There was no rest for the tourists for in the evening they left for New York in preparation for the game yesterday. This strain of continual traveling and successful battling apparently made inroads on the effectiveness of the crack team particularly so after meeting stiff competition in the Philadelphia game. Furthermore, in justice to the visitors, the Gotham players scored when the Scot aggregation was reduced to 10 men, playing with this number during the last 15 minutes, when Maxwell, their brilliant inside left, was forced to retire owing to illness. The Lanarks registered their winning goal in the last two minutes of play when Aleck Bennett found the net. It was a sensational finish to one of the most interesting matches witnessed in years. Had the New Yorkers held the Scots to a tie, it would have been the first deadlock encountered on the tour. As it was, the victory was the twenty-third straight and the likelihood is that the Scots will clean up in the final setto with Fall River this week and will then depart for home.

Anxious to Get Back Home
The attraction of international settos and the pleasures of enjoyed on a tour to foreign countries is worn off and all the players of the Third Lanarks are anxious to complete their schedule and get back home. Not that they are touring but rather because they have had their fill and are anxious for a brief rest before starting their fall campaign in their native land. This was the sentiment expressed by more than one of the players while guests in the city for the game with the Bethlehem F. C. All appeared to be tired of travel and looked forward to the return voyage with keen anticipation. "We have been most graciously received in every city we played and extend thanks for the courteous treatment, but after all the schedule was a bit too extensive and we will be gland when the final game is over and we are on board the ship headed homeward," was the remarked dropped by one of the star players.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club