Bethlehem Globe
Wednesday, July 21, 1920
Final Details for Trip to South America Are Now Being Made

With the receipt of a cablegram here from Brazil this morning, the plans of the proposed soccer trip of the Bethlehem Steel Co. eleven are becoming more concrete. While it was known definitely that the trip was to be made, the details attending the tour were unknown pending the receipt of the cablegram announcing more definitely when first game is to be played and the number of games scheduled.

This work was taken care of by the representatives of the Bethlehem Steel Co. in Brazil, who says that the team is expected in Brazil by Sept. 10, which will mean that the first game will not be played before Sept. 17, the time intervening being allotted for the players to lose their sea legs and get in several good licks of practice. Six games will comprise the schedule.

From William Sheridan, manager of the team, it was learned today that the personnel of the players to make the tour is still unknown, but with all other arrangements complete will be announced within the next few days. The number of players to make the trip depended entirely upon the number of games to be played and it is believed that with the information that only six contests will be waged, the party will hardly number more than sixteen, if that many.

Mr. Sheridan will immediately get in touch with steam boat officials to make arrangements for the journey, together with the many little details attending the issuance of passports. He said that if the club is guaranteed they will arrive at Rio de Janeiro by Sept. 10 it is likely the party will sail from new York about Aug. 25 on the Martha Washington of the Munson line.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club