The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, June 23, 1919

Picked teams representing England and Scotland clashed at Lenox Oval, New York yesterday before 2,000 persons in the final of the international series held annually for the benefit of the New York Protective Association. The game resulted in a win for England by 2 to 1. Scotland fielded a strong eleven, including Campbell, McKelvey, Bob Millar and Fleming of Bethlehem, while Kirkpatrick, late of Bethlehem, and now of the Merchant Ship F. C., and Fletcher of the champions, added strength to the halfback line of England. The game was a hummer from start to finish, and would up the season in this drastic. England scored five minutes from the kick-off, Wilson, of Newburgh, braking clear through and crashing the ball past Wilson with a lightening shot.

England -- Scotland
Albin (Morse) -- G -- Wilson (Robins)
Fletcher (Bethlehem -- RFB -- Kelly (New York)
Hayes (Hayes) -- LFB -- Ferguson (New York)
Broadbent (Paterson) -- RHB -- Bell (Morse)
Beardsworth (Morse) -- CHB -- Campbell (Bethlehem)
Kirkpatrick (Merchant) -- LHB -- Kerr (Newburgh)
Garside (Robins) -- OR -- McKelvey (Bethlehem)
Satterthwaite (Newburgh) -- IR -- MacDonald (Federal)
Shaw (Bridgeport) -- CF -- Millar (Bethlehem)
Cullerton (Federal) -- IL -- Sweeney (Babcock)
Wilson (Newburgh) -- OL -- Fleming (Bethlehem)

Referee -- T. Cunningham. Linesmen -- W. Connelly and C. E. Creighton. Goals: for England, Wilson and Satterthwaite 3; for Scotland, Fleming. 45 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club