Bethlehem Globe
Wednesday, July 29, 1925
Wilson and Cook, Star British Players, Reported as Acquisitions for America.

Although not disclosed as yet in Fall River, an English sports paper makes mention of two new acquisitions for the American League champions for next season, one of which was quite a sensation in Europe. Both players, it is understood, have departed for America and will locate in their home town of the American Soccer League title holders.

The players are Wilson, a center forward, and Cook, an outside left, both members of the Bradford team, of England, a second division club. Of the former glowing comments are made in which is stated that he has established quite a reputation and in the last six months with the Bradford team scored 32 goals. Cook is referred to as an in and outer, brilliant one day and the opposite the next.

Almost simultaneous with this announcement emanates from Fall River the release of the entire left side of the team. Players given their release are Kemp, a left fullback; Lorrimer, left halfback, and McGowan, an outside left. The latter two players, it is understood, have signed with the Shawsheen club, a newcomer to the American Soccer League circuit.

A meeting of the league will be held on Sunday, August 9, at which time the schedule will be prepared among other business.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club