Bethlehem Globe
Friday, August 7, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Seven New Men and Not Satisfied
The visit of Harold Brittan, former Bethlehem Steel center forward, to this city this week, disclosed that the management of the American Soccer League champions is out for another winning team and to accomplish this end is leaving nothing undone in signing talent. Fall River fans like a winning team and manager Sam Marks is fully aware of this fact. As long as the champions can turn in victories the shekels will come rolling in over the box office window but the Fall River fans are a funny crowd and in spite of the successful season enjoyed by the league champions there was some discontent over several games lost. As long as Manager Marks can keep his club on the long end of the scores the soccer proposition in Fall River is a good financial investment.

Bethlehem Club a Haven for New Talent
It was practically an entire Bethlehem team that brought the league championship honors to Fall River during the past two seasons and apparently Brittan believed that he could negotiate for the purchase of some more of this talent for next year. Seven new men have already been signed and it is believed that with the signing of another forward the personnel of the club will be complete. This vacancy occurs by the loss of Tommy Croft, former Irish celebrity, who at present is abroad and it is understood made application to the Irish Football Association for reinstatement. Although a brilliant player and without a doubt one of the best forwards in the American Soccer League last season, it is understood that Fall River is not very keen on his return. Tommy had a habit, they say, of frequently breaking discipline, conduct that had a moral effect on the remainder of the team. If this application for reinstatement is refused he will probably return to America and unless released will remain the property of Fall River.

Steel Workers Well Fortified in All Departments
Although there have been few new acquisitions to date and hardly more than one or two, if any, new men signed before the opening of the American Soccer League season, the Steel Workers with their celebrities of last season are well fortified in every department and promise to again be formidable in the league race. Most important of the new men was the signing of Purvis, the big Fleisher Yarn forward, who even in playing with a weak team made quite a favorable impression with his work on the front line last season. With Purvis signed the management has about all the front liners needed. The complete recovery of Arthur Robertson and Bob Terris further augments the strength of the team. While both Terris and Robertson are halfbacks, they are quite versatile on the soccer field and in an emergency can be shifted to a forward berth without materially weakening the front line. However, this should hardly be necessary next Fall unless injuries are many and serious.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club