The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, August 14, 1920
A Swing Along Athletic Row

"Bill" Collier Out O' Luck
"Bill" Collier, one of the crack players of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team, sure was out o' luck when owing to domestic reasons he remained here while his teammates started on their tour to Brazil. "Bill" is one of the benedict members of the squad, having been joined in wedlock over in Scotland. He came to American by himself and after locating in Bethlehem cabled his wife to join him. At that time talk of going to Brazil was gossiped among the players and "Bill" decided that it would b e wise if he informed his wife to remain with her friends until he returned. This he did and shortly afterward the Brazil trip looked as though it was off. Collier then cabled his wife to come on and she had already made provisions for sailing when the talk of going to Brazil was again revived and actually occurred. "It was too late to tell her to remain in Scotland until I got back," said "Bill" so Mrs. Collier came on and three weeks ago joined her husband in this country. Instead of leaving his wife here practically among strangers, "Bill" did the right thing when he passed up the Brazilian tour on which he was slated to go

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club