The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, August 14, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Awaiting the Program
The announcement that the committee of the board of directors of the Bethlehem Booster Club has quite an attractive program to offer at an open meeting of soccer fans in the Yo Eddie headquarters on Monday night is arousing interest. It does seem that by the activities already waged to boost the sport in Bethlehem, soccer is just about to come into its own here. Representative fans have taken a hand, taking cognizance no doubt of the popular growth of the booting game. While the object of the Booster Club is to toss its support to the Bethlehem Soccer team, it is yet more extensive in its scope, stressing the development of the sport among the school, college and sand lot teams. It is not so much the financial support that the Bethlehem team is seeking, but rather the moral support which can be forthcoming only by having a large home attendance at the home games.

The Schedule Arranged
It is learned that the American Soccer League schedule for the first half of the season has been outlined, but not ready for public announcement. The reason it is being withheld is because several changes are pending. It is learned that Bethlehem is by no means slighted in early season home games, and it would probably be more satisfactory if a more equal distribution was made. The season is scheduled to open early in September. Before then, however, it is planned to pit the Beths against outside opposition in at least two or three exhibition games. One of these, with Brooklyn and its bevy of Jewish stars, is already arranged.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club