Bethlehem Globe
Monday, August 17, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Should be a Paying Proposition
Soccer promoters in Philadelphia acted wisely when they decided to abandon the two clubs proposition and have entered one club in the American Soccer League. As it had been there was the Philadelphia F. C. and Fleisher Yarn, neither one of which produced a top notch eleven or profited financially. Each of the clubs had its particular quota of rooters and with the soccer clienteles thus divided the gate suffered extensively as a result. The one club proposition does not come as a surprise for such a project had been in the wind for some time and if not mistaken agitated by other clubs in the circuit. With the cream of the talent of the two clubs to select their players from, together with whatever new material might be needed to strengthen the outfit to compete against the strong American League clubs, Philadelphia should develop into a real good soccer town.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club