The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Saturday, August 17, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Made His Peace
Friends of Dave Edwards, former Bethlehem goalie, will be interested to know that the elongated custodian rated as one of the best in the business, has apparently made his peace with the soccer powers that be and will be seen in organized football next season. Since jumping Bethlehem in the midst of last season to play with New Bedford, an outlaw organization, Dave confided with friends and others that he seriously regretted that move and would have welcomed an opportunity to have returned to Bethlehem In securing his reinstatement he is willing to pay the heavy penalty imposed which, of course, involves a very substantial fine. This will probably be taken care of in the signing on fee from the Holly Carburetors, one of the strong mid-west clubs with which he will play and a club which, it is learned, has already sent in its entry for the National Challenge Cup competition. While fans in the East will no doubt regret the absence of Edwards in this section, they will be pleased to learn that his status is all washed up and he is again eligible to hob nob with the boys affiliated with clubs liked with the U. S. F. A.

Some Other Changes
Some other changes of interest noted is that Johnny Grainger, who up until the time he departed for Fall River in company of Malcolm Goldie, has taken up his residence in New York. Fall River and the method of conducting the club lost its luring attractiveness to Grainger after a season with the Marksmen and he is another player who has been on the other side of the fence in the soccer controversy going to be reinstated. Fall River wanted to ship Grainger to Boston but on second thought Johnny decided that New York was a healthier location since it would mean his reinstatement and he grabbed an offer to play with the I. R. T. Rangers.

Decisiosn Reserved
The injunction proceedings instituted by the Hakoah Exhibiting Club brought to restrain Joseph Eisenhoffer from playing with Nat Agar's Brooklyn Jewish outfit, had its preliminary before Supreme Justice Callaghan in Brooklyn yesterday but no disposition has been made. Since legal entanglements have arisen in the warfare between the battling soccer clans disposition in this case will be watched with interest. The outlaw side was the first to go to court to settle its difference but without success. Injunction proceedings in two other instances where players were involved were dismissed.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club