The Globe Bethlehem
Monday August 18, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer to Get an Early Start
While the regular league season will not be launched until the latter part of September, league teams are already making a schedule of pre-season games, resorting to this method of rounding into trim for the league tilts. Practically every club in the American Soccer League will have two or three games before the opening of the league season and Bethlehem is included among these for probably one of the earliest starts. ON August 30, the Steel Workers will journey to Boston for a pre-season game. It will be against the representatives of that city which this season is included in the American Soccer League roster. Indications are that the team will play this game minus the services of the Jacksons and Davy Ferguson, all three of whom are in Scotland. However, with the number of players signed there will be enough talent available for a representative team and if need be plenty left over.

A Formidable Aggregation
In entering the soccer field, Boston promoters are apparently leaving nothing undone to produce a representative team and if gossip emanating from the Hub materializes the newcomers are going to make a spirited fight for the league honors. It is said that Tommy Muirhead, a soccer star of first magnitude has been snared and that the latter is empowered to rustle up players of his liking for the club. Rumors were prevalent that Tommy Fleming, for years a Bethlehem star wingman, might return but these are dispense with the announcement that Tommy has decided to throw his lot with the new Boston aggregation. Fleming and Jock Ferguson were two local players who left Bethlehem two years ago to play with J & P Coats at Pawtucket, R. I. Jock quit the Down Easters after one season and returned to Bethlehem and with the leaving of Fleming the Coats outfit loses another brilliant player. Fleming, who by many of the wise ones was set down as being through several years ago, successfully crossed the cope and was a dominant factor on the Coats team last season. As a goal scorer he has few equals and if he can forestall father time for another season, his mingling with the Boston crowd should prove a valuable asset.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club