The Globe Bethlehem
Wednesday, August 20, 1924
Dave Ferguson Cables That He Will Be Back in America on Sept. 2

One of the trio of Bethlehem Steel soccer players who are visiting in Scotland Davy Ferguson, Alec and Walter Jackson will be back in the fold about September 2, ready to start active training preparatory to the opening of the American Soccer League season. This was assured today when the management of the club received a cablegram announcing that Davy Ferguson, brilliant fullback, would sail next Saturday. Ferguson went abroad in response to a cablegram announcing illness in his family, and has been away about a month.

Practice was started this week on the Steel Field for the opening game, an exhibition affair, which will be played at Boston on Saturday, August 30. The Steel Workers, in this game, will clash against one of the newly admitted members of the circuit, which will include in its lineup Tommy Fleming, former Bethlehem Steel player, and more lately with J & P Coats of Pawtucket, R. I.

Of interest to soccer officials is the announcement sent out of a special meeting of the United States Football Association, to be held in New York City, on Saturday afternoon. While the announcement is addressed to all associated leagues and clubs and members thereof, it is believed that the meeting is more especially directed to the American League executives in hopes of establishing more harmonious relations between the two bodies. It is possible that the U. S. F. A. will ask the league to reconsider its actions in regard to its attitude in withdrawing from the National Challenge Cup competition. And there is also a possibility that the American League executives may decide to enter this classic, but under provisions specified by the league officials.

The American League clubs may rescind their action if, among other matters, the U. S. F. A. agrees to identify the league as a separate organization associated with the U. S. F. A.; that the percentage of the gate which reverts to the coffers of the National Association be decreased; that the National Cup competitions will not interfere with the league schedules to any great extent; that all replayed cup ties be played during the week following the game, and that all American League clubs be permitted to withdraw from the preliminary rounds of the National Cup competition.

The above are the most important matters for adjustment and if the U. S. F. A. conceded to the demands of the league, it is possible that these clubs will decide to enter the competition. The meeting promises to be one of the most important ever held and the outcome will be watched by soccer enthusiasts with keen interest.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club