The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Saturday, August 20, 1927
League Champions Nose Out All-Stars at Hamilton, Canada, Friday, 3-2

The Bethlehem Steel F. C. got away to a good start in a twilight game on Friday, when they defeated the All-Stars of Hamilton, Canada, at the latter place, by the score of 3 to 2. Threatening weather prevailed and as a result the attendance was not as large as expected.

While details of the game have not been dispatched, the brief announcement of the victory in a telegram received here stated that the game was hard played in which Grainger, Ferguson and Goldie starred. The latter scored two of the three goals while the odd count was notched by the veteran Johnny Granger. Jock Ferguson played a fullback position in the absence of Jim Barrie.

The Steelmen are not yet at their full play in Toronto this afternoon and meet the only Canadian team successful in defeating the Scottish tourists last season. Johnny Geudert, recently transferred to Bethlehem from New York Giants, played in goal against the All Stars and performed in most creditable style.

The Steelmen are not yet at their full strength, owing to the absence of quite a few players. Willie Reid, halfback, expected to dock in New York on Friday morning, was not on the boat but will probably arrive a week later. However, three Steelmen yesterday hastened to join the team, two who returned for a visit to their native heath in Scotland and the other a newcomer to the Bethlehem fold this year. After locking Jim Barrie, a fullback, and Francis McConnell, a center forward, went directly to Canada to join the team. Matthew McMeekin, a new player, came directly to Bethlehem.

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