The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, August 21, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Transfering Players
Quite a few players in the American Soccer League are listed for transfer this season. The Bethlehem Club had two on the transfer list and both were gobbled, it is understood, by Sam Marks and his Fall River team. While probably such negotiations are bound to create some ill feeling, nevertheless, it is certain to create greater interest when the clubs involved meet. Then again there are some players who for some reason or other are not given an opportunity to play regularly and a change of scene sometimes [...] out a more effective merit.

In New Uniform
Johnny Granger, one of the popular members of the Bethlehem team, who with Malcolm Goldie was placed on the transfer list, celebrated his inaugural as a Marksman last Sunday and played a bang up game for Fall River. Johnny is an inside front liner and was one of the veterans of the Bethlehem team. He played with the Marks aggregation in an exhibition game against New Bedford and which incidentally was won by Fall River by the score of 3 to 0. Fall River is quite likely to have three transferred players as regulars on the front line since Goldie, it is understood, is all wrapped up to play with Fall River and also Davy Brown, sensational forward with the New York Giants for a number of years.

No Overseas Jaunt
Sam Marks has probably come to the conclusion that it is far more profitable to negotiate for players of other clubs rather than to make an annual jaunt abroad to import a bevy of stars. Last season Marks introduced quite a few new importations, several of which flivvered, and in addition Fall River campaigned ins poorest season in recent years. In contrast to last season, one of Fall River's best season was experienced a few years ago when the Marks brothers made a wholesale raid on the Bethlehem club, including in their catch the famed Harold Brittan, at that time considered as the best center forward in the circuit. Marks perhaps has torn that leaf out of his book of experience to follow for the campaigning this year.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club