Bethlehem Globe
Wednesday, August 26, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Going to Make Them Step
Bethlehem Steel soccer team is and was well fortified with front liners, players that ranked with the best in the American Soccer League circuit, but some of these individuals will have to step to retain their positions. This becomes evident with the acquisition of Jim Purvis, former Fleisher Yarn forward, who had his first fling with the Steel Workers this week. Idle during the summer Purvis joined the club appearing in excellent condition and his first tryout impressed strongly. If Purvis wins a regular berth it will be because of his goal scoring ability for the team is in dire need of some one with an accurate sense of direction and heavy boot to relieve the brilliant Stark of the scoring burden involved upon him. With Fleisher, the tail-end club, Purvis compiled quite a record as a goal scoring forward and if he can contribute as many to the Bethlehem total next season and Stark continues in maintaining the individual record prospects of a successful season for the Steel Workers looms bright. While the forward line is well fortified with talent it is not by any means over burdened in number. To have reserve talent of first string caliber is an excellent asset. This was apparent during weeks of the season last year when Malcolm Goldie and other forwards were injured and the perfect timing of the front line was more or less broken up. With the present personnel of the squad prospects of a Bethlehem year for the honors bid fair.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club