The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Saturday, August 27, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Once an Enemy, Now a Playmate
Johnny Geudert, the chap doing duty for Bethlehem Steel F. C., pending the return of Dave Edwards, the first call custodian, last year was a red hot enemy of the local clan. Johnny was a star goalie for the New York Giants and more than once when playing against Bethlehem Geudert was the source of considerable concern to the local clan. Many of his games were recalled and to those who have witnessed them they will not hesitate in branding his work against the league champions as ranking with the most phenomenal witnessed on the local field. It was on the strength of his performances in Bethlehem and New York when Bethlehem was engaged with the Giants that the local management was the first to sign up Geudert when rumors were prevalent that he was leaving the Gotham tribe. He no longer is an enemy but now the playmate of the Bethlehem players. With the heavy schedule of double-headers in store for Bethlehem when the league season opens, it is certain that Geudert will see quite some work alternating frequently with Edwards.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club