Bethlehem Globe
Friday, August 28, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Dick Spalding With Camdenites
Dick Spalding, a popular favorite in Bethlehem although his sojourns here have always been of brief duration, visited Bethlehem on Thursday as center fielder for the Camdenites. Dick has been in the game a good many seasons and still looks the money although he is probably a bit weak with his throwing arm. Dick was g lad to come to Bethlehem and between the innings chatted freely with many of his acquaintances in the city. Spalding is probably as favorably known here as a soccer player as he is as a baseball player. More so in fact for Dick was a fullback on the Bethlehem team in the season 1916 and 1917. His visit therefore to the Bethlehem Steel athletic field yesterday afternoon was not his first. Spalding was a neat soccer player in his day and in 1914 or 1915, was bestowed the distinction of being chosen a fullback on the first American soccer team to invade Sweden for a series of games. After leaving Bethlehem Spalding played with the now defunct Disston club and for several seasons starred with the Philadelphia Sawmakers. Off and on he has played with Fleisher Yarn and the Philadelphia F. C. When asked if he expects to do any soccer playing during the coming season, Spalding responded readily with "No, I guess not, getting too old for that strenuous sport."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club