The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, August 30, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Forecast Promising
Financially and otherwise the coming seasons forecasts the most promising soccer year in the history of the sport. We glean this much by the brand of soccer being played and the attendance at the pre-season exhibition games, many of which have been staged by the clubs again identified with the American Soccer League. The aim of the respective managements has been to strengthen their outfits and judging by the large number of players signed for the coming season and the reputed merit with which they invade American soccer, they have combed the best in the business. The real test, however, comes when the league season is launched and the weather is a bit more favorable for the sport. As for the interest, the growth in popularity is manifest in the attendance at these exhibition games. After all, it is the league and cup tilts that inspire the greatest interest. However, clubs that started the season with exhibition games did not have to go begging for the want of attendance. When it is considered that baseball in its last leap to pennant honors is monopolizing the interest of sporting fans, soccer in conflicting with the National pastime is attracting remarkable crowds. Bethlehem and Brooklyn played before six thousand spectators in a Saturday game. Fall River, however, established the pre-season attendance record on Sunday, playing New Bedford before 10,000 sweltering booting devotees.

When Warriors Meet
Fall River defeated New Bedford at Fall River, 4 to 2. There was more significance to this game than the mere mention of a clash between two American Soccer League teams. Popular for years at Fall River, Harold Brittan, one time a Bethlehem star, was disposed of and immediately cast his lot with New Bedford. Harold did more than sign to play, getting in on the owning end of the club. His popularity in Fall River was strongly attested when some ten thousand fans came out on a hot day to see the crack center forward play against his former teammates. That little love exists between the two clubs was evident in the closing minutes, when players resorted to fisticuffs and a reserve of police were necessary to keep the spectators off the field. It was fortunate for both teams that the fracas was an exhibition and not a league affair. Had it been the latter, some drastic suspensions would have been in order.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club