The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, August 30, 1927
Cup Games to Follow Close of First Leg of American League Race

The American Soccer League will launch its 1927-28 schedule on September 10 and conclude the first half on December 18. This much of the schedule has been drawn up and approved. Double headers over the weekends again feature, with practically every team busy for two games each weekend.

At a recent meeting held in Providence, R. I., it was explained that the reason for competing the schedule for only the first half is in order to set the date for the H. E. Lewis cup and National Cup competitions, the former probably to be started immediately after December 18. After the first round of the cup competition, half of the clubs are quite likely to be eliminated. For the eliminated clubs, league affairs will be scheduled on the dates of the later rounds of the teams surviving the cup competitions.

Following is the American Soccer League schedule for the first half:

All games to be played on the grounds of the first named club:

Sept. 10 -- Boston vs. Giants, J & P Coats vs. Philadelphia, Indiana Flooring vs. Providence, Bethlehem vs. New Bedford.

Sept. 17 -- New Bedford vs. Indiana Flooring, Bethlehem vs. J & P Coats, Boston vs. Newark, Philadelphia vs. Fall River, Giants vs. Brooklyn.

Sept. 24 -- New Bedford vs. Bethlehem, Philadelphia vs. Boston, Giants vs. Hartford, J & P Coats vs. Fall River.

Oct. 1 -- New Bedford vs. Brooklyn, Boston vs. Philadelphia, Bethlehem vs. Newark, J & P Coats vs. Providence.

Oct. 8 -- New Bedford vs. Giants, Indiana vs. Hartford, Bethlehem vs. Boston, Philadelphia vs. J & P Coats.

Oct. 15 -- Boston vs. Indiana Flooring, J & P Coats vs. Bethlehem, Philadelphia vs. Providence, Giants vs. New Bedford.

Oct. 22 -- Bethlehem vs. Brooklyn, Boston vs. Fall River, Philadelphia vs. Giants, New Bedford vs. Providence.

Oct. 29 -- Philadelphia vs. Indiana Flooring, Bethlehem vs. Giants, J & P Coats vs. Brooklyn, Boston vs. New Bedford.

Nov. 5 -- J & P Coats vs. New Bedford, Bethlehem vs. Hartford, Indiana Flooring vs. Fall River, Philadelphia vs. Brooklyn, Boston vs. Providence.

Nov. 12 -- New Bedford vs. Newark, Bethlehem vs. Philadelphia, J & P Coats vs. Giants, Boston vs. Hartford.

Nov. 19 -- Boston vs. Bethlehem, J & P Coats vs. Indiana Flooring, Philadelphia vs. New Bedford.

Nov. 26 -- Boston vs. Brooklyn, J & P Coats vs. Newark, New Bedford vs. Philadelphia, Bethlehem vs. Indiana Flooring.

Dec. 3 -- New Bedford vs. Boston, Bethlehem vs. Fall River, Indiana Flooring vs. Coats, Philadelphia vs. Hartford.

Dec. 10 -- Bethlehem vs. Providence, Giants vs. Boston, New Bedford vs. J & P Coats, Philadelphia vs. Newark.

Sept. 11 -- Brooklyn vs. Bethlehem, Fall River vs. Giants, Hartford vs. Philadelphia, Newark vs. Providence, Indiana Flooring vs. new Bedford.

Sept. 18 -- Hartford vs. Newark, Brooklyn vs. Fall River, Providence vs. Indiana Flooring, Giants vs. J & P Coats.

Sept. 25 -- Providence vs. Bethlehem, Fall River vs. New Bedford, Indiana Flooring vs. Boston, Brooklyn vs. Hartford, Newark vs. Philadelphia.

Oct. 2 -- Providence vs. Brooklyn, Fall River vs. Philadelphia, Giants vs. Indiana Flooring, Hartford vs. J & P Coats, Newark vs. Bethlehem.

Oct. 9 -- Newark vs. J & P Coats, Providence vs. Giants, Brooklyn vs. Boston, Indiana Flooring vs. Philadelphia, Fall River vs. Hartford.

Oct. 12 -- (Columbus Day) -- Hartford vs. Providence, New Bedford vs. Fall River, Boston vs. J & P Coats, Newark vs. Indiana Flooring, Brooklyn vs. Giants.

Oct. 16 -- Fall River vs. Indiana Flooring, Hartford vs. Bethlehem, Newark vs. New Bedford, Brooklyn vs. Providence, Giants vs. Philadelphia.

Oct. 23 -- Indiana Flooring vs. Bethlehem, Brooklyn vs. Newark, Hartford vs. New Bedford, Fall River vs. J & P Coats.

Oct. 30 -- Providence vs. New Bedford, Fall River vs. Brooklyn, Hartford vs. Boston, Indiana Flooring vs. Newark.

Nov. 6 -- Providence vs. J & P Coats, Giants vs. Fall River, Newark vs. Hartford.

Nov. 13 -- Providence vs. Newark, Indiana Flooring vs. Brooklyn, Hartford vs. Giants, Newark vs. Giants.

Nov. 20 -- Providence vs. Boston, Brooklyn vs. New Bedford, Hartford vs. Indiana Flooring, Fall River vs. Bethlehem, Newark vs. Giants.

Nov. 24 -- (Thanksgiving Day) -- Newark vs. Brooklyn, Indiana Flooring vs. Giants, Providence vs. Fall River, J & P Coats vs. Boston, New Bedford vs. Hartford, Philadelphia vs. Bethlehem. Nov. 27 -- Hartford vs. Brooklyn, Fall River vs. Newark, Providence vs. Philadelphia, Giants vs. Bethlehem.

Dec. 4 -- Newark vs. Fall River, Providence vs. Hartford, Brooklyn vs. J & P Coats.

Dec. 11 -- Giants vs. Providence, Newark vs. Boston, Hartford vs. Fall River, Brooklyn vs. Philadelphia.

Dec. 18 -- Fall River vs. Providence.

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