The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, August 31, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Peculiar Situation
Fall River soccer club found itself in a peculiar situation over the weekend. Scheduled to meet the rejuvenated New Bedford team, one of the strongest clubs in the American Soccer League, the Marksmen were threatened with going to the post minus the services of a full-fledged goalie. So acute was the situation that Manager Marks was forced to call upon the Brooklyn club for the loan of Smith, one of the Wanderers' star custodians. At the start of the season the Marksmen had three goalies on the payroll. They were Kerr and Blair, standbys with the club for several seasons, and Harper, a new man secured this season. Kerr was let out to Coats and closely following this transfer Blair was sold or transferred to the newly organized Hartford team. Then to deplete the marksmen's ranks of goalie completely Harper, the new man, was injured. This situation will probably be a lesson to Manager Marks who in the future will have an understudy available if his star bet between the uprights is forced to the sidelines. Once the league season opens, there will be no borrowing goalies or any other players from member clubs.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club