The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, September 2, 1927
Combats Divided Between Home and Foreign Pitches -- Seven Sundays Open

Twenty-two games, eleven of which will be played at home and a like number away, is the layout of games for Bethlehem in the first half of the American Soccer League campaign. During this time Bethlehem will meet each of the clubs in the league in one game at home and each of the clubs in one game away. The complete schedule calls for two home games and two away from home games, against each team.

The Steelmen open their season at home on September 10 with New Bedford and for the second home game have J & P Coats on September 17. After that date the league champions will be away until October 1 when Newark comes to the local park.

In the arrangement of games the champions will have plenty of opportunity for exhibition tilts if the management so desires. While the club will be engaged every Saturday, together with a game in Philadelphia on Thanksgiving Day, there are no less than seven Sunday dates open in the first half. Games are seldom postponed and only under the most drastic conditions. In that event it is hardly likely that any of the open dates will be utilized for playing off postponed tilts. As for draw results, league games are not played off, but the points shared by the two teams. The schedule of at home and away games follows:

Sept. 10 -- New Bedford
Sept. 17 -- J & P Coats
Oct. 1 -- Newark
Oct 8 -- Boston
Oct 22 -- Brooklyn
Oct 29 -- N. Y. Giants
Nov. 5 -- Hartford
Nov. 12 -- Philadelphia
Nov. 20 -- Indiana Flooring
Dec. 3 -- Fall River
Dec. 10 -- Providence

Sept. 11 -- Brooklyn
Sept. 18 -- Open
Sept. 24 -- New Bedford
Sept. 25 -- Providence
Oct. 2 -- Newark
Oct. 9 -- Open
Oct. 15 -- Coats
Oct. 16 -- Hartford
Oct. 29 -- Indiana Flooring
Oct. 30 -- Open
Nov. 6 -- Open
Nov. 13 -- Open
Nov. 19 -- Boston
Nov. 20 -- Fall River
Nov. 24 -- Philadelphia
Nov. 27 -- Giants
Dec. 4 -- Open
Dec. 11 -- Open

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club