The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, September 4, 1924
Bethlehem Steel Eleven Will Have First Home Game in Week or So

Soccer activities in Bethlehem will be formally launched on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 13, when the Bethlehem Steel team opposes the Philadelphia F. C. in the opening American League game in Bethlehem. Although the schedule is still in he making this game has been definitely fixed for the opening contest.

Hard and intensive sessions of practice are mapped out for the Steel Workers, inspired by the showing of the team in the exhibition game last Saturday when it was defeated by the Boston club. It is intimated that there will be a sprinkling of new talent among the candidates for certain positions but nothing definite has been learned from official sources.

Against Boston it was readily apparent that the Steel Workers more or less reserved their energy and probably the defeat in the exhibition game may serve as a tonic in spurring them on . At any rate long and grueling sessions are in store with a practice game between two teams selected from the squad scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

Practically all of the clubs in the American League have engaged in exhibition games and based on comparative scores fans are slipping the palm to Sam Fletcher, manager of the Providence, R. I., team Fletcher, a former start with the Steel Workers, last year captained the Newark F. C., and this season was engaged to manage the new league representative at Providence.

Fletcher's aggregation created quite a sensation in the New England states when, in an exhibition game against Boston, last Sunday, the Providence team won by the score of 3 to 0. On Labor Day the Providence team played at Fall River and had the Harold Brittan combination topped by the score of 2 to 1 up to the closing minutes of play when Harold Brittan slipped through the equalizer. Fletcher has included in his line up several former Canadian stars.

The Corinthians, touring English football club, completed its Canadian tour and today is scheduled to start its scheduled in the States with a game in Philadelphia. Several games will be played in the Quaker City after which the tourists will go to New York to meet the Brooklyn Wanderers, the only American League club and probably the strongest American representative soccer aggregation on the schedule. Brooklyn, by the way, was easy for Fall River in an exhibition game played, losing by the score of 8 to 2.

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