The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, September 4, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Competent Officials
The competency of officials in big league soccer this season will be more imperative than ever before. This becomes readily apparent in view of the increased and uniform strength of the clubs this season which with the exception of Newark is practically on a par. This much is evident in the results of the two games played to date. This uniform strength is going to inspire a much greater interest in the game and should be conducive to one of the best seasons ever, from the standpoint of playing merit and attendance.

Tricks of the Trade
With the high grade class of players comprising the American Soccer League, every trick of the trade will be brought into play and for this reason the league must have officials who have the courage of their convictions, are competent in following every detail of the game and make decisions without favor or partiality. Referee baiting, tricks to draw on penalties, player baiting and the like, threaten to be very much in evidence and in fact already has been. There were some who saw the Bethlehem-Brooklyn game last Sunday who were unable to reconcile themselves to a decision of Mose Bloom in which a penalty was called against Wilson, of Bethlehem.

Six New Player
Six new players made their debut as Bethlehemites in the first home game of the season played on Labor Day afternoon when Bethlehem walloped Newark to the tune of 5 to 1. Massie and Mulhall, on the forward line, and "Jim" Delaney, a halfback, were the recent importations and all three gave promise of being there when once acclimated to local conditions and more familiar with the team work of the Bethlehem machine. Matt Wilson, a former National, who joined the club late last season, is really a new acquisition as was the veteran Jock Marshall, fullback, and McClure, goalie. Speaking of Marshall, Tom Adams, owner, manager and in fact the whole show of the Newark clan, remarked: "That fellow is worth his weight in gold to any team if he did nothing more than free kicking." Newark was miserably weak and hardly a test for Bethlehem.

Rain or Shine
Judging by the number of telephone calls received at the Steel Field yesterday morning it is readily apparent that quite a few sports followers are not aware of the fact that soccer games are generally played regardless of weather conditions. Because of the rain, many recreation seekers were of the opinion that the game would be called off, governing their conclusions on circumstances in baseball. Soccer games are only canceled in cases of a late snow storm or an icy pitch and then if time intervenes to clear the pitch the contest is played.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club