The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, September 6, 1922
A Swing Along Athletic Row

May Reserve Field for Soccer Players
The one big hitch in securing the Bethlehem Steel field is due to the announcement made several weeks ago that Bethlehem is again to be represented by a big league soccer team, a club that is to compete in National and American League competition and is also entered in the American League. Soccer is a game in which stamina and endurance is as essential as science and to develop endurance a wide playing space is required. Furthermore, with the layout of positions on a soccer club practically the entire field is utilized when teams are engaged in scrub scrimmages or actual hostilities. Therefore, if the soccerites take possession of the field, the playing pitch would be hardly big enough for a football and soccer clan to workout. It is known that soccer practice was played to start early this month and under the conditions planned the time set aside for the workout would conflict with the time available for the school athletes. The majority of the soccer players are employed in the steel mills and will have to confine practice to the hours following the day's labor. One consolation, however, is the fact that the grounds will be vacant on a good many Saturdays during the months of October and November and the field would be available for the playing of scheduled games. It is believed that no more than two soccer games are scheduled for Bethlehem during this period of time, for the reason that when the schedule is finally drafted, games in October and November will be passed up in order not to conflict with the collegiate and scholastic football schedules. With one hundred or more candidates to work with, quite a large field will be necessary for practice.

Harry Ratican To Coach Army Soccerites
Harry Jay Ratican, for years one of the satellites with the championship Bethlehem Steel soccer team, will make his debut as a mentor this season. Announcement is made that Harry has been appointed soccer football coach at West Point. In making the announcement attention is called to the fact that Ratican, who is twenty seven years of age, is the first American-born soccer coach to direct an Army team. The many friends of Ratican in Bethlehem will congratulate him on his appointment and will watch the outcome of his teaching with keen interest.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club