The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 6, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

New Talent for Bethlehem Steel Soccer Team
That the team to represent the Bethlehem Steel in the rapidly approaching soccer season will comprise quite a sprinkling of new talent is readily apparent by the activities of the club management in signing up new players. It might be also added that this plan somewhat spoils the original program of the club management which at the close of last season had intended to keep the club intact. However, conditions developing during the off-season most especially that of the departure of the Jackson brothers, star forwards, and last but not least the efforts devoted by other clubs in strengthening their outfits, are responsible for all this last minute activity. The exhibition game at Boston several weeks ago brought out emphatically that strengthening several positions is most vital to the success of the team. A practice game was played on Saturday afternoon in which several players anxious to campaign with the Steel Workers appeared in one or the other lineups. And with some of this new talent, it is safe to predict that Bethlehem would again be in the running with the best of the clubs. Fans are anxiously awaiting the opening American League game against Philadelphia here next Saturday to view the changes, if any, in the Steel Workers' lineup.

Local Product a Promising Candidate
For years local soccer adherents have patiently awaited the development of local talent to be included with the big league soccerites. And equally as patient has been the club management, hoping to include with their celebrities players who could be mustered from the local ranks. The time has arrived when Bethlehem can probably boast of developing a soccer star to trip along with the big timers in the person of Joe Morrison a product of the local sand lots. Joe was out with the clan on Saturday afternoon and it is the least exaggerated when said that Joe played a wonderful game, holding his own with some of the celebrities on the forward line. Morrison is more or less versatile as an athlete with soccer his strongest asset. Las year he attended Bethlehem Prep school and was catcher on the baseball team and in American football played a backfield position. Prior to that he played extensively with minor soccer league clubs and more lately starred with the Lawrence, Mass., club in the New England soccer League. For the past several months he has been located at Lawrence, where he is employed. Morrison came home on a ten day's vacation, the period covering the practice session on Saturday afternoon and Joe decided to cast his lot with the big leagues.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club