The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, September 6, 1928
Former Fall River Players are Aiding Threadmakers to Win Games

Players who were the foundation of the Fall River team when Fall River was winning games and shared in the major awards, will be seen as the nucleus of the J & P Coats team which comes to Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon to meet the locals in an American Soccer League game.

This wholesale inclusion of league favorites is attributed as the reason for the sensational showing of the Threadmakers thus far this season, who by a draw with New Bedford and a victory over Providence, the latter a team that defeated Fall River, have taken three of the possible four points.

Fully cognizant of the merit of the new inclusions to the rejuvenated Pawtucket team, the local management believes that the outcome of the Saturday clash will have a strong bearing in forecasting the success of the Bethlehem team this season. And most important of all will give the locals their first severe test.

Findlay Kerr, former Bethlehem player who transferred to Fall River, and one of the most effective and popular goalies in the league, will be here with Pawtucket and will be seen between the uprights against Bethlehem. Kerr's sensational work as a goalie need not be recalled for local fans can readily remember his phenomenal work when a member of the Bethlehem team and later when Fall River invades this city.

Another former marksman who in league campaigning has been outstanding as a bulwark on the defense is big Nate Tate, now a thread worker. Others are Martin, also a back; Wilson a back who was tried in one game by Bethlehem last season and last but not least the dangerous Frank McKenna, a player who has donned the uniform of more clubs in the league than any other player. McKenna was originally a steel worker, having played with Bethlehem. After leaving here he has seen service with Fall River, Brooklyn, Indiana Flooring, now the New York Nationals and is now affiliated with Coats. Kennedy, the Coats center forward, was also a Fall River star.

Up around Pawtucket the fans are boosting the interest of a youngster by the name of Oliver who is referred to as the find of the season.

Against such opposition the management will be forced to field its strongest club and is somewhat perturbed over the absence of Willie Reid and John McGrillen who are not expected to arrive here before Saturday and then it is hardly possible that they will be in condition to play the game. "Bill" Carnihan is still nursing an injured knee, and Wilson, who took his place in the Newark game here on Monday did so although quite ill and with the result that he has been unable to report for training thus far this week. With both Carnihan and Wilson on the sick list and Reid absent, the management would be rather hard put in fielding a halfback line. Carnihan's injury is gradually responding to treatment and [SECTION MISSING]

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club