Bethlehem Globe
Monday, September 7, 1925
Two Exhibition Games, One at Boston, Other at Brooklyn, Got by Wayside

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team launching the 1925-26 season went down to defeat in the two games played over the weekend, losing the exhibition affair to Boston on Saturday afternoon by the score of 4 to 1 and Brooklyn at the latter place on Sunday afternoon, 4 to 1. Both games were experiments insofar as the local booters were concerned for practically every member under contract for the season was given a tryout.

Boston Flashes in Closing Minutes
At Boston on Saturday the champion Hubmen took advantage of the new offside rule and with several games previously played to the Bethlehem visit, were in fine fettle. The teams were tied with one goal each up until the last ten minutes of play when Blair, Boston center forward, playing back experienced little difficulty in beating the one back and goalie in registering thrice in that period of time.

The game was a good workout and the spectators were treated to a brilliant brand of soccer. In spite of the opening game the Steel Workers displayed excellent team work. Boston took the lead in the first thirty-five minutes of play when Westwater shot for goal and his drive was intercepted by Highfield. The elongated Bethlehem goalie, however, let the ball drop from his hands and before he could clear, Westwater followed on his shot and crashed the sphere into the net.

The Hubmen were out in front up to about thirty minutes after the restart when the Steel Workers tied on a penalty Johnny Rollo taking the kick and making no mistake. Then came the avalanche of goals which gave the Hubmen a decisive victory. Thoroughly schooled in taking advantage of the new offside ruling the Hubmen did just that thing and profited materially by it. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Boston
Highfield -- G -- Steele
Reid -- RFB -- McMullen
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- McArthur
McDonald -- RHB -- McIntyre
Carnihan -- CHB -- R. Valentine
MacGregor -- LHB -- Hamil
Cameron -- OR -- McNabb
Granger -- IR -- C. Ballantyne
Stark -- CF -- Blair
Rollo -- IL -- Westwater
Goldie -- OL -- Fleming
Goals: Westwater, Blair 3; Rollo (penalty). Referee: Andrews. Linesmen: Battles, Boston; Easton, Bethlehem. Time of halves: 35 minutes.

Wanderers Take Opener
With a revised lineup for Sunday representing no less than three new acquisitions not including Bob Terris, the veteran who because of injury was idle practically the entire season last year, the Steel Workers tackled the Brooklyn Wanderers on Sunday and were defeated 3 to 1. At half-time Brooklyn was leading 2 goals to none.

Five minutes from the start Marshall, who played at center forward instead of his usual position at back, got the ball on a pass from Curtis and shot the first tally of the game. Twenty minutes later when Bethlehem tried to equalize, Smith saved the goal and Brooklyn was still in the lead.

Carson then essayed a try at Bethlehem's goal and soon after Purvis sent down a swift ball, but it was just too high and hit the cross bar. Dunlop then made a try to get the ball into the Brooklyn net, but Smith again stopped it from going through. The ball then went back to the other end of the field, the Bethlehem goal keeper stopping a fast shot by Curtis. Just before half time Morris passed the ball to Marshall, who then scored the second goal making it 2-0 for Brooklyn.

Five minutes from the restart Marshall made another try for goal, but Carson was there to stop it. Five minutes later Morris scored another goal, but it was not allowed, the referee declaring him off-side. About midway in the second period Curtis passed the ball to Yule who made the score 3-0. Bethlehem then began pressing and Stark was loudly cheered when he scored Bethlehem's goal.

Brooklyn -- Bethlehem
Smith -- G -- Carson
Robertson -- RFB -- D. Ferguson
McMillan -- LFB -- Allan
Gilchrist -- RHB -- McDonald
Shortt -- CHB -- McGregor
Porga -- LHB -- Terris
Morris -- OR -- Forrest
Gray -- IR -- Purvis
Marshall -- CF -- Stark
Curtis -- IL -- Rollo
Yule -- OL -- Dunlop
Referee -- A. Bloom, Pittsburgh, Pa. Linesmen -- J. Hayes and J. Cunningham. Goals -- Marshall 2; Yule, Brooklyn; Stark, Bethlehem. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club