Bethlehem Globe
September 9, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Selecting Referees
Cater where the dough is. That seems to have been the motto of the referee committee in selecting the officials to be retained as regulars in the American Soccer League. Certainly this committee did not slight the Down East section and in doing so passed up several quite competent officials, men who handled big games last season to the extreme satisfaction of the spectators. No reflection is cast on the four referees selected for the regular job, men who will be retained on the pay roll at the regular salary and always available at the beck and call of the League officials. New England clubs where soccer fandom is most pronounced and the cash more liberally dispensed over the ticket windows should be well pleased with the selection of the referees' committee.

Oates, Walders and McCabe
The absence of Danny Oates, of Philadelphia, on the field in the American Soccer League this season, will be the source of keen regret to many fans. Not only in Bethlehem but throughout the entire circuit where his ability as an official is recognized as second to none. The league gave Danny the cold shoulder. Also among the missing are Walders, also of Philadelphia, and McCabe, now located in New York.

The Reserve Gang
Topping the list of the reserve gang is Laurie, of Newark, an official quite honest but with the speed of the present day game not efficient to handle important contests. Others are Norse, of New Bedford; Young, Philadelphia; Halide, New York; Creighton, Newark; and Odell, of Philadelphia. It is with the work of Laurie that local fans are probably most familiar for his officiating in the important cup games which eliminated the Steel Workers was such that his work was strenuously protested. The matter was brought to the attention of the league and while the protest was not sustained it was nevertheless acknowledged as not being without grounds for if remembered correctly Laurie had to be content with a lineman job for the remainder of the season. Now Laurie comes back into his own and if needed, which surely the reserve men will be, Mr. Laurie will toot the whistle in American League tilts.

Shaking Off the Dust of Bethlehem
Sturdy Maxwell, who for three seasons thrilled Bethlehem soccer fans with his brilliant work at inside right, is a visitor in Bethlehem. Not for any length of time, for Sturdy must hustle back to New Bedford where with Neil Turner, also until recently a Steel Worker, he must cast his lot with the club in opening the American Soccer League season this weekend. Maxwell came back to Bethlehem t o bid his final adieu to home town associates and after disposing of his household goods will locate permanently in New Bedford. That at least is the gossip emanating among the Steel Workers. While the absence of both Maxwell and Turner will be regretted by their friends, their loss will create no dearth in Bethlehem front liners. Jim Purvis and Ronald Cameron are the players who come to Bethlehem to take their place. The latter is already referred to as "another Alec Jackson."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club