The Globe-Time -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, September 10, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Cleaning House
The report that a reconciliation is imminent in the soccer controversy is welcome news to the majority of soccer fans. This much is ascertained by the gossip emanating from various quarters where the soccer fans abound in goodly numbers. The general contention is that the game is going to prosper more so than ever before and that the experience of the outlaws will serve as a lesson and more so a precaution against future rifts in the ranks. When peace is once established it is certain that the national body will clean house of all undesirables, especially those who were ring leaders and agitators in the warring against the U. S. F. A.

Eastern District Takes Initiative
The Eastern District Football Association with headquarters in Philadelphia apparently is cognizant of the activities that have been going on and seemingly in harmony with the policy of the U. S. F. A. have started cleaning house in the Quaker City. This is taken for granted by a decision approved Monday night whereby the National League is completely swept out of the picture and in its wake a Pennsylvania Soccer League proposed. In abandoning the National League executives are likewise dripped and the new loop will be reorganized and new executives elected for the various offices. Too many interest contrary to the policy of the U. S. F. A., it is said, brought about this change.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club