The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, September 11, 1928
Invading Clan Includes Well Known Stars of the Booting Game

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team goes to the pitch in another league game on the home field on Saturday afternoon when the strong and consistent New Bedford team invades the city. While the showing of the New Bedford club in league competition to date has not been the best, nevertheless, the club with its bevy of big time stars is certain to strike its stride and it may be that this gallop will be started against Bethlehem.

In the campaigning last year New Bedford really had the best record of any team in the league. The club was up at the top throughout the entire first half and again qualified for the playoff to decide the championship in the second half. It will be recalled that Boston met New Bedford in the final round for the championship when really it should have been Bethlehem, the latter ousted on the flimsy technicality of using a goalie of another club after the league and Boston had sanctioned the change.

The invaders will have quite a few new and star players in their lineup. Outstanding in the personal is Howieson, an inside forward, who played first division soccer in both England and Scotland. He is a wonderful shot and was often considered for international honors in Scotland.

Although placed on the transfer list, Tommy "Sturdy" Maxwell is still with the club and the former Bethlehem player will more than likely be in the lineup against Bethlehem. The reason for this is that Maxwell generally plays his best games against his former teammates. Watson, a halfback on the club, is a player who was given a trial with Bethlehem last year.

John McGrillen, Irish Internationalist, who joined the local club late last week, will start training and is certain to make his initial debut with the team against New Bedford. If McGrillen lives up to his reputation the forward line, the locals will present, will be probably one of the best in years. With Jaap, Gillespie, Stark, Massie and Rollo available for the other berths the New Bedford defense is assured plenty of action.

The forced absence of Willie Reid, right halfback, is causing the management no little concern. Reid ran afoul of the immigration officers and is being detained in Canada. It is understood that the trouble is of mere technical nature and that it will be but a matter of time before things are straightened out and he will be back in Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club