The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Monday, September 12, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Champions Severely Blasted
The impressive showing of the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club made in its game against New Bedford on the home grounds on Saturday afternoon was somewhat dimmed by the unexpected upset in meeting Brooklyn on Sunday, losing the game by the one-sided score of 5 to 0. To be defeated by such a margin is a new experience for the champions. Having bowled over Brooklyn in two exhibition games, the 5 to 0 reverse came as quite an unexpected jolt. It is possible that the champions shot their best against New Bedford on Saturday afternoon and the grueling grind of a double-header against a fresh team on Sunday had its effect. Brooklyn was idle on Saturday and opened the league season with Bethlehem on Sunday.

Worst League Defeat Ever
Consulting the records, the 5 to 0 setback at the hands of Brooklyn is found to be the worst defeat ever suffered by the Bethlehem team in a league game. Incidentally it is the first time in a good many seasons that Brooklyn was triumphant in a league game against Bethlehem. Last year the champions lost a game to Boston by the score of 6 to 2. That was regarded as bad but considerably mild in view of the fact that the Steelmen already had the league title won and the players had little or nothing at stake to defeat Boston. One thing brought home emphatically in the weekend games is the grave mistake in the arrangement of the schedule in which a team that played a hard game on Saturday was called upon to oppose a fresh team the following day. This arrangement together with the oppressive heat in which both games were played was certain to tax the strength and stamina of the most hardy players. As an illustration other than the Bethlehem-Brooklyn game, the New York Giants might be referred to. The Giants opposed Boston on Saturday and then were called upon to meet the strong Fall River aggregation the following day, the latter going into the title fresh and after being idle on Saturday. Providence did the unusual, playing two games and winning both. However, Newark and Indiana Flooring, the teams defeated, could hardly be compared as clubs as strong as New Bedford and Brooklyn, nor Boston or Fall River. With the present arrangement there are certain to be some more drastic upsets, especially during the season of midsummer weather.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club