The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, September 13, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bouquets from Fall River
That the soccer executives up around Fall River are not taking kindly tot he money expended by the Bethlehem Steel and Boston clubs in the American Soccer League to strengthen their forces for the campaign this season is glaringly apparent by the bouquets thrown by the Down East aggregation. It is said that the Fall River interest have made some pretty neat insinuations against the methods employed by these two clubs in securing new players in spite of the fact that all negotiations for transfers of players and otherwise have been above board and have received the sanction of the American Soccer League executives, otherwise they could not have been accomplished. It is possible that the Fall River contingent, National champions last season, are a bit perturbed over their chances of repeating again in capturing the honors this season and fear that their real rivals will be Boston and Bethlehem Steel and for that reason have directed their insinuating barrage on "business methods" of these clubs. Since the birth of professional soccer managers are going to find that in the future it is going to involve a great more expense than in the past and that players will be on the market from time to time. Instead of criticizing in an attempt to obstruct the strengthening of teams, the mangements of clubs should be commended for their actions are prompted by fans who are clamoring for talent worthy of major sports competition.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club