The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 13, 1926
First Game of Season in League Ends in Victory for Local Champions

Bethlehem made an auspicious start in its first League game of the season at Newark on Sunday winning 4-1. Although Newark had played at Philadelphia the day previous, their game against Bethlehem showed no ill effects from the strain, for it required all the skill and speed of the Steelworkers to annex the victory. Newark is a much improved team over last season, and with their recruits to join the club during the present week, they may be expected to cope with the very best opposition in the league.

Newark adopted its usual game of relying upon speed and a fast moving ball, which somewhat disconcerted the Steelworkers in the early part of the game . For a period of 10 minutes Newark did the bulk of the attacking, and on two occasions the goal was miraculously saved when the ball struck the cross bar. During this onslaught Edwards was put under a severe test and emerged most successfully, in spite of the fact that the Newark forwards were none too particularly in their method of attack, nor was the Referee inclined to check their reckless methods. Midway during the first half, Goldie, on one of his successful raids, neatly placed a ball across the goal mouth, which was deftly turned into a goal by Granger, and the ball in its flight caromed from the defender away from the goalkeeper. Shortly after, a rebound from the goalkeeper was met by Granger to draw second blood. A few minutes later Grange again was unfortunate with a rebounding ball, which barely missed the mark by the proverbial foot.

Second Half Slower

The second half did not maintain the pace of the first. Bethlehem resorted to its characteristic game and gave at times a wonderful display. From a corner Goldie succeeded in scoring an unusual goal in that the corner kick was not touched by any player in its flight into goal. During the last 10 minutes Edwards was adjudged guilty of having carried the ball more than regulation two steps, for which a free kick was granted to Newark, and from which their only goal was scored. Bethlehem's final goal was scored in the closing minutes of play when Stark netted after a solo effort of Goldie.

Eadie's display was equally satisfactory, but it was to be expected that there remains to be developed a better understanding between the fullbacks. This can be acquired only after the playing of several games. He showed a skill of being able to clear well with either foot, to tackle well, and displayed speed fully up to expectations, and in keeping with what the modern game requires. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Newark
Edwards -- G -- Lindsay
Eadie -- RFB -- Marshall
Allen -- LFB -- Fleming
McDonald -- RHB -- Nicol
Carnihan -- CHB -- Thompson
MacGregor -- LHB -- Stevenson
Jaap -- OR -- Cocta
Granger -- IR -- Kirby
Stark -- CF -- Daley
Rollo -- IL -- Carstairs
Goldie -- OL -- Stein
Referee: J. Coutts. Linesmen -- Sid Day and T. Hayes. Goals -- Granger 2, Rollo, and Stark, Bethlehem; Stevenson, Newark. Time -- halves of 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club