The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 14, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Tempermental But Good
"Temperamental, quite easily upset," was the remark overheard on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon by an Indiana Flooring official in response to congratulations on the brilliant work of Brown, the Gothamites' goalie. If Brown is temperamental it was unfortunate for the Steel Workers that he was in his best mood on Saturday for it was he and he along that his teammates can thank for sharing the first two points possible in the American League season. In batting them out his percentage was one thousand and then some and as a catcher he proved far superior ton the merit of that day's play than any other goalie ever witnessed in action on the home field and in fact any other field. It wasn't one or two close shaves but a flock of them, so many in fact that it seemed inevitable to frustrate the barrage of shots hurled at him by Bethlehem front liners. Indiana Flooring have another goalie in Renzulli. A good one too but not to be compared to Brown, when in the right frame of mind. The management would do well to humor Brown to have him in a receptive mood for all games in the future, and it's a safe bet that Indiana Flooring will soar higher than the second division clubs.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club